Easy Mini Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Your Clients Will Love

​​​​​Step by step guide to giving a fabulous low cost treatment that will have your clients rebooking. 

How does Avocado Oil Help with Natural Anti-Ageing?

Avocado oil is a beautiful, rich, penetrating, skin rejuvenating oil which is deeply moisturising and a fabulous anti oxidant.​ It can even help to reduce age spots and heal sun damage and scars.

​Avocado oil is one of the ​oils I recommend in the 5 Oil Facial Course. As well as being a fantastic skin rejuvenating oil, it is a great oil to use, either alone or in a natural skincare product, for psoriases and eczema. 

​It's penetrating properties, as well as making it a very nourishing oil, give it the bonus of moving through the skin very quickly which means that anything contained in it, such as essential oils, will also be absorbed very quickly.

​What's contained in Avocado oil which makes it so good as a Skin Rejuvenating Oil and for Common Skin Conditions? 

​So, why is avocado oil so good for natural anti-ageing and ​these distressing skin conditions? It is rich in potassium, which is known as the Youth Mineral.  It also contains a high amount of Vitamin E, which is a natural anti oxidant ​and slows the ageing process. ​​

And it has lots of Vitamins A & D ​as well as lecithin and fatty acids, all of ​which nourish the skin and ​are vital for skin health. â€‹And a big plus is that there is not a synthetic chemical or steroid in sight!!

​How do you use avocado oil?

​Avocado oil is really sticky. A little is fine for a facial massage or cleanser, but it's nearly impossible to use in a full body massage or any large area. Also, its quite an expensvie oil which is another reason not to use it in a full body massage. 

It needs to be mixed, half and half with a lighter oil such as ​Sweet Almond or Grapeseed. Using it with Sweet Almond oil makes the skin feel silky soft and is a real treat for your clients.

​Tips to Boost Your Business

​It's always good to stand out from the crowd and not get involved in a price war. ​ If you are adding something extra to your treatments which will really help clients, let them know about it.

​Here are ​ideas I find work really well when you add something like avocado oil to your treatments.

  • A 50ml glass bottle of Avocado and Sweet Almond oils would make a great option for clients to buy if they want to continue the natural skin care at home.
  • This could also be used as a gift for new clients, a thank you for a referral or as part of a limited time special offer. Make the bottle pretty with ribbons and label it.
  • Aromatherapists could add essential oils to the blend to really enhance the properties.
  • Include a mini facial as part of a referral scheme for your clients. For instance if a client refers a friend to you, offer both the new and the existing client a free 15 minute avocado rejuvenating facial massage as a thank you.
  • Let clients know about the fab referral bonus by sharing in your newsletter, your texts, on your business cards and putting up signs where you work.

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