​​5 Steps to Stress Free Tax for Holistic Therapists.

Tax for holistic therapists doesn't need to be difficult or stressful. This post will give you a 5 step system that will make your life to much easier. 

Tax for holistic therapists


Do you spend loads of time making your therapy room snug and inviting?

Really enjoy putting together ideas for lovely enhancements for your treatments?

But the accounts and taxes? Ugh, they leave you cold. Or worse, completely terrified.......

In my first few years as a holistic therapist I put off the yucky taxes till the last minute. I just didn't have the time with getting my business going, looking after a house and family and working part time in a day job.

But every October I didn't have a choice, the taxes had to be dealt with. ​ I'd spend a week immersed in receipts, bank statements and invoices as I tried to put everything together with a deadline looming. And every year I promised myself that this was the last year I'd be so disorganised. 

​And finally I discovered a 5 step system that makes tax for holistic therapists easy, quick and non scary.

Tax for Holistic Therapists


​​ Use this easy syst​em to keep your finances in order and everything you need in one place. No more frantic search for ​lost invoices or receipts. 

Click to get a downloadable version of the checklist for easy reference.

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​Need More Information?

​The Area Partnerships give free advice and support to self employed people.

​There are lots of them, just Google the one for your area.

If you have problems finding the one for your area, check out http://northsidepartnership.ie/ and they will be able to help.

About the author 

Jenny Sheridan

Jenny is a holistic therapist and tutor practising and teaching multiple therapies since 1997. She is passionate about the power of holistic therapies and helping holistic therapists to build successful businesses doing what they love

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