Protect Against Infection & Lift the Mood with Essential Oils.

Essential oils give a 2 pronged defense against infection.

- They attack bacteria & viruses in the air and in our bodies.

- They instantaneously lift your mood which automatically boosts your immune system leaving you less open to infection.

In this free eBook & Masterclass Replay you'll discover 9  powerful essential oils and 6 easy but effective recipes you can make in under 5 minutes.

Therapists Guide To Antiviral Essential Oils

The Therapists Guide to Antiviral Essential Oils is a short e-book covering:- 

5 ways I used essential oils to prevent infection even when family members were ill.

How to use essential oils to ease the symptoms of viral infection (not just congestion and pain, but new symptoms including muscle pain and restless legs)

4 easy but effective ways to keep your therapy room safe and inviting.

"I’ll be using the oil burner and the cleaning recipes... Jenny I love your down to earth interaction"

Linda Sourke, Holistic Therapist

Therapists Guide to Antiviral Essential oils

Why Learn From Me?

Hi there, my name is Jenny, and I've been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years. I've been employed, self employed, and I ran my own holistic centre and college from 2012 to 2019. 

I'm the author of "A Step By Step Guide to Using Essential Oils for Common Ailments" which includes easy recipes for over 20 common physical ailments.

I taught for ITEC and VTCT awarding bodies for many years with 100% success rate. I'm now offering online courses, because so many of my students find it a real challenge trying to juggle work, childcare and other commitments with their training. Now, with so many in person colleges unable to run courses, the online option is a real blessing. 

With my free and paid offerings, I want to help you serve your clients online and offline, learn how to upgrade your treatments, expand your menu and grow an amazing business that you love.  


I am a member of your holistic group and I find the Master classes excellent, I really love the way you teach and your real no nonsense 

approach and tips to make things easy to remember.

Thank you so much for shining your light and giving of your time and energy in these

covid times, its very much appreciated.

Warmest Blessings ,


Ann Kelly

Holistic Therapist


Thanks so much. The group and your information has been a life saver I understand the time and effort and it is really appreciated. 

I think you have been a big part of the reason a lot of us haven’t hung up our boots as therapists 

Liz xx

Liz Rice
Holistic Therapist


Thank you Jenny! You are so generous with your knowledge and expertise. I love how you take care of your community and share with us in so many ways.

Zeenat Ahmed Peto
Holistic Therapist