Want to build a sustainable holistic therapy business and have a huge impact on your clients' lives?

My name is Jenny Sheridan. I offer approved online training courses that teach you everything you need to give outstanding treatments and fill your appointment book with high paying clients


I’m Jenny Sheridan. I teach holistic therapists all the skills they need to build a successful holistic business, change clients' lives and enjoy an abundant income.

I've been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years. I have trained several hundred practicing holistic therapists. . In 2012 I opened Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide Dublin. This I ran very successfully and happily until 2019, when, because of increasing demand, I changed over completely to online training.



Jenny is amazing.. Such a relaxed but knowledgeable course.. She has such a fun way of teaching that you don't feel pressure..Can't wait to go back and do another course.. Xx

Sarah Reddy

Beauty and Holistic Therapist Dublin


I loved Jenny's Anatomy & Physiology classes. She is such a warm and funny person that she managed to bring the whole subject alive, and made it much easier to learn than I expected. I've also had a number of massages from Jenny, and I can honestly say that they are the best I have ever received!

Alison Byrne

Alison Byrne Healing


How to use essential oils for sinusitis

How to use essential oils for sinusitis. Prefer to listen instead? Here’s the podcast Essential oils, especially when you combine them with massage are excellent for sinusitis and for hay fever. I do a 5-minute treatment that so far has brought immediate relief to everyone I have used it for. I have shared this with

Lavender, the “Leonardo da Vinci of essential oils”

In this post I’ll explain just how powerful lavender essential oil is for burns, stress, pain, skin conditions and infection. Rather listen instead? Here’s the podcastUsing Lavender essential oil for burns.Lavender is very effective for burns. My friend’s son, when he was about two, burned his finger on an iron. My friend was actually holding

If you dislike an essential oil, do you “need” it?

If you dislike the aroma of an essential oil do you “need” it?A question I get asked a lot is, if you dislike the aroma of an essential oil, does that mean that there’s something in the oil you need? Rather listen instead? Here’s the podcast I don’t think so. In fact, I think the

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